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Dating website e Harmony wants its users to know that animators deserve to be loved, too.

They’ve compiled a list of 15 reasons to date an animator, including all the standards—animators are creative, excel at Pictionary, bring smiles to people’s faces—along with a few eyebrow-raisers (“An animation career is usually pretty kid-friendly.

Animation, it originally aired on Fox Kids from September 5, 1992, to September 15, 1995, with a total of 85 episodes.

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The lack of stability in your career could actually be a turn-on for a potential romantic partner: “An animator’s career is always evolving and will likely involve him/her working at different studios in various cities, pursuing freelance projects and finding opportunities to challenge his/her art.

I can write lots of dirty letters, texts, all of that, but when it comes to saying and doing them out loud, whether on the phone or in person, I freeze up.

How can I get my written words to come to life, with me at the helm? Imagine a person who could say that stuff out loud — Jessica Rabbit, Donald Duck, whatever works for you — and just pretend to be that person for a while.

In designing the series, creators Bruce Timm and Eric Radomski emulated the Burton films' "otherworldly timelessness," incorporating period features such as black-and-white title cards, police airships (although no such thing existed, Timm has stated that he found it to fit the show's style) and a "vintage" color scheme with film noir flourishes.

In addition, Radomski issued a standing order to the animation department that all backgrounds be painted using light colors on black paper (as opposed to the industry standard of dark colors on white paper).

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